Friday, September 29, 2006

Google Summer of Code 2006

As you might know (if you followed my old blog) I participated in GSoC this summer. I wrote two applications for the GNOME desktop environment, "Panel Switcher", and "Session Backup". Panel Switcher is ready for release, hopefully it can be released as a package in Ubuntu efty universe soon.

Session backup on the other hand, it not as mature as Panel Switcher, and since I found out that a guy working for Novell, is working on an application that pretty much does the same things that Session Backup was supposed to do, the future of this application is a bit unceartin.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I think you need to work some more on the code for PanelSwitcher. Instead of restoring it to the snapshot taken, it totally cleared my panel. I didn't even have the menus on the left, just the system tray on the right. I was most disapointed, to say the least. I was wondering why such a "gem" like this handy app had escaped the notice of the whole Ubuntu community - now I know why!!!

Peter Moberg said...

The application was developed in 2006 for the Gnome version that was standard in Ubuntu at the time. To make it work at all I used a hack in GConf, so I am not surprised that it is broken in newer versions of Gnome.

tomas said...

Can you drop a link to the application by that Novell guy?